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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 26, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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her mother? ainsley is going to catch the great football. have a great weekend. see you monday.
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very, very upset. i'm a big fan of the fbi. i always have been. and they would have done this is, to me, hard to believe. and then, of course, justice department with the meeting of bill clinton in the back of an airplane. these things have never happened in our country. what's going on with our country and with law enforcement, this is -- these are things that have never happened. >> well, not only did he say he may investigate clinton if elected president much the united states, trump making more news right here saying he have a comprehensive immigration plan out in two weeks. the "on the record" political panel is here from "the washington post, catherine and from the "wall street journal" glen hall. thank you for joining me tonight. so we have a couple of things to kind of work through. glenn, what do you think about this? he said he is going to have a comprehensive immigration
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plan. there has been a lot of back and forth saying what's the specificity? is there going to be a mass deportation? is there going to be any kind of amnesty? he said, listen, with the criminals, the people who violated the law, recidivist they have got to go. we need to get them first. they said there will not be any amnesty. there will be a lot about this comprehensive plan for sure. we have been struggling all week to figure out where is he on these issues? there has been careful movement. and what does that movement mean, right? is it movement only of words or positions? that's what we'll be looking for. you made a very good point there where he talked about the first steps, which is what his base wants to hear. we are going to secure the border full stop. second step no, amnesty. that's another thing that they want to hear. the next question he kept saying though we will see what we see those still here and are not criminals and not bringing drugs into the country and those things. >> establish family. >> established families. so what will we see? that's the question. >> so very good. what was your take on it? >> i would add the idea of
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deporting criminals is not a departure from what current administration is now. that's what the obama administration has pursued. the extent it's not a betar temperature i'm not sure it particularly appeals to the base. i would add as much as his hard line rhetoric appeals to the base, a lot of it potentially could alienate a lot of other voters who are sitting on the sidelines who are trying to decide who to vote for. if you look at poll data, americans are actually not mostly in favor of deporting, mass deporting 11 million immigrants. they are in favor of a path to citizenship. even most republicans, like three quarters of republicans say they are in favor of a path to citizenship. it's not entirely clear that digging in his heels on those policies are going to win over the potential swing voters is he going for. >> okay. we just -- this is just crossing the news wires right now. the state department saying that they will not release all meetings and emails of hillary clinton in advance of the election. >> well, that's going to be
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an interesting challenge for her. because she has got some of these things are going through the legal process right now. and the judges have been very clear about their expectations. so we have to see how the state department is going to be pushed by the legal system and all of these lawsuits coming from various quarters. not just the judicial watch one. i think there is still a lot of opportunity for this issue to remain live all the way through november. >> catherine, what about the people that are going to say look, where is the transparency? this is unfair if they are slow walking it and putting it after the election. people should want to know if they're choosing a president what the truth is. >> my feeling is with the clintons the coverup or perceived coverup is always worse than the crime. i would guess that it would be in hillary clinton's interest, potentially, to just get this stuff out there rather than have continued speculation for the next few months. >> all right. thank you so much for being here and going "on the record." yesterday we talked about campus censorship getting ♪
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university of chicago telling new students suck it up. the dibiasio of students sending out a letter thrort freshman we do not support so-called trigger warnings. >> we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics might be controversial and we do not condone the creation of intellectual safe spaces. jeff, are new a safe space to report this? >> apparently i'm not.
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even with a fox business microphone here, we are being treated pretty well at the u of c one of the world's most prestige just universities. that letter that i just read from pretty blunt. i want to give you another passage of that that was sent to the class of 2020. it says, in part, members of our community are encouraged to speak write, listen, challenge, and learn without fear of censorship. at times this may challenge you and even cause discomfort. now the university saying that while a lot of other universities around the country have sought to minimize that discomfort that that's what education is all about. you may remember earlier this year the speaker ben shapiro, conservative journalist had problems at calcalstate la where they triedo cancel his appearance. across town there were protest at his speech.
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a lot of students were prohibited from being able to hear that speech. they don't that kind of thing to happen here at the u of c. i point out, kimberly, this is a private university in addition to being one of the most press tinge just in the world. it is hardest to get into. endowment of $7.5 billion. they apparently don't have to be subject to the political whims that some state universities and colleges have to deal with. they say here p.c. is okay, non-p.c. is okay. >> i like that. i like to hear this. i had ben shapiro on. he went "on the record" last night. we were talking about this very topic. i didn't get any protests by the way when i went to cornell and gave a speech. that is the third most liberal school in the country. i'm glad you are being treated well there. >> most place does use common sense. most people do that there are a view. >> yes, open our ears and minds and give people a chance to differing opinions and express themselves. jeff, thanks for that report. and the university of
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chicago president of college republicans goes "on the record." thanks for being with us tonight. so we just had that report talking about the school and saying, listen, come here, open your mind, be able to express yourself, and you are not going to find safe spaces. >> yeah, thanks a lot for having me. i think that's important to understand about the letter that was just sent out to all the freshman is that, you know, dean ellison brought a very important issue to the forefront of national discussion right now. and the university of chicago comes from a long and storied tradition of staunch support for free speech going back decades and the other components that all of the incoming classes of 2020 received was a book written by the dean of the college, john boyer, that goes into extensive detail about our history with free speech going back to the 1930s, 1960s, and i think what gave the administration a sense of urgency in dealing with this issue right now is we had several events on our
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campus, had you mentioned others in the report just now on other campuses but we had several events on our campus shut down by protesters and for a campus such as ours who values free speech as much as we do, that was shocking to a lot of students, faculty and the administration. i think that kind of spurred the administration into action by sending out this letter. >> yeah, matthew, i want to remind our viewers that back in may you proposed a free speech resolution for the student government there. what inspired you to do that? were you seeing a problem that you were encountering so there was a need for it to move forward compellingly to make sure there was free speech and being respected? >> definitely. we have this history of supporting free speech and we had two events before i proposed that resolution. one that was shut down, anita alvarez and the other one that was shut down, i was at the event and one of the protesters shouted out at him he was going to blow up his car. i was sitting there in the audience and i was astonished that this kind of concept that i read all
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about in terms of students shutting down ome to our campus. in the course of proposing this resolution that i had attracted the support of around 50 faculty members from the complete ideological spectrum to see it ultimately tabled indefinitely by student government was kind of shocking to me. i learned a lot about just how much our institution has meant to free speech and, you know, to see this happen on our campus. >> right. >> i was talking with the administration after and i think they realize just how important sending this message to students before they even got to campus would be. >> you know, and you got to eventually leave college and go into the real world and private practice and into the free market and they are not going to give you nap time and a safe space in the corner by the water cooler. you have got to prepare kids to get the education and work hard and, you know, be able to protect themselves and stick up for themselves and not looking for other people to do it? >> exactly. >> i know you have attended a few of greta's town halls and we appreciate that most
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certainly. we want to thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you very much for having me. >> okay. stay strong. and a brewing starbucks ice coffee lawsuit. say it ain't so. melting down in federal court. a california man filed a class action lawsuit against the coffee giant claiming starbucks mislead customers about the size of its iced drinks. oh dear, the man says baristas were using too much ice and not enough coffee. a federal judge tossing out the case like old grinds. now, you may remember when the lawsuit was first filed "on the record" sent ted williams to do an in-depth, unscientific but highly entertaining investigation. >> i am now pouring the ice out of the coffee into a measuring cup. when we measure this, and we turn it around, it comes to about 14 to 16 ounces. >> we're going to add mad scientist to ted's resume
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because he has done everything else. fantastic. i love it a similar case is currently pending in chicago. and a grizzly murder mystery, and you will never guess who was murdered. two catholic nuns. my goodness. the manhunt for the killer is on and that's next. rescuers in italy still holding out hope that they will find more earthquake survivors. we will take to you italy coming up. >> there's a story that had america talking. >> the congressional budget office says this year's deficit will be $590 billion. >> many critics say that the visit by the president is just too little and it's too late. >> coverage all day and all night. >> witnesses calling what just happened to their homes and towns apocalyptic. >> what did mr. trump need to do to catch her? is it possible. >> in these times only one team covers the critical coverage you need. we are most watched. we are most trusted. we are fox news channel.
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a horrific and disgust withing murder mystery, two catholic nuns murdered stabbed to death in their mississippi home. right now the killer or killers are still on the loose. fox mississippi reporter courtney ann jackson is live. courtney ann? >> kimberly, a lot of folks in this small community asking why tonight. the reward has been up to $22,500 as of tonight the bodies of sisters margaret held and paula merrill were found here inside their durant, mississippi home yesterday. investigators found those bodies when the two did not show up for work. they were i object strucketd to come here for a welfare check. that's when they located those bodies. the two served as nurse practitioners at a nearby clinic in lexington, mississippi, that's about 10 miles from here at their home in durant. their car was missing when investigators arrived on the scene. last night it was located about a mile away from here in a secluded area of town behind a grocery store.
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that car, along with evidence from the scene is being processed at the state crime lab tonight. meanwhile, we are learning more about who the two women were. i have learned that they had been serving in mississippi for about 30 years. they are from milwaukee and boston, but they met here in mississippi and decided that holmes county was a good area that they should serve because this area has many people who are living below the poverty line and they had really committed their lives to serving this community maybe making those people's lives a little bit easier. that's the other reason this murder has sent shock waives around this small community because people are really wondering why someone would want to hurt them and who that could be. and now investigators are hoping that someone will step up with information and let them know who this might have been. crime tape still up around this home as many people just driving by slowly as we have been here today, wondering what in the world
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happened here today. back to you, kimberly. >> all right, courtney ann, thank you. and say your prayers tonight for them. so sad. catch the killers. aftershocks continue to take to you italy next. [ clock ticking ]
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time. you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. get ready to speed read the news. judge aaron the judge who grave broke turner just six months in jail will no longer hear criminal cases. he voluntarily reassigning himself to civil court. broke turner, a former
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stanford swimmer admitted to raping a drunk classmate but the judge went easy on him. turner will be released from jail just one week from today. jessica parker cutting by ties with epipen maker mylan parker his or her son has a severe peanut allergy and had been part of a campaign. after the company jacked up the price of the life-saving device by nearly 600 percent parker said she was disappointed, saddened and deeply concerned. mylan ceo has blamed the price hike on obamacare. side note her salary has increased 600 percent. branson is likely to be alive. the virgin founder crashing his bike on the british injury gin islands. he was riding and training for a charity race as he hit a speed bump. as he flew through the air he said his life flashed before his life.
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the worse part is he now has to drink tea from a straw. and that's tonight's speed read. and developing now aftershocks shaking rescuers as they desperately dig through rubble from a devastating earthquake in central italy. the death toll rising to nearly 270. thee days after the massive quake, time may be running out. fox news foreign correspondent john huddy is live in italy. john? >> yeah, well, kimberly, it is now early saturday morning here and the government, italy's government has declared today a day of mourning for all of those earthquake victims. this as the search continues for survivors. but that search effort, kimberly, has been really hampered by the ongoing and constant strong and for many people frightening after shocks. yesterday morning, early friday morning there was a 4.8 magnitude tremor that
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rocked the villages and towns that were leveled by wednesday morning's 6.2 magnitude earthquake. and there have been hundreds of aftershocks since then. all of this adding another problematic layer to the already exhaustive search and rescue efforts. now slowly, unfortunately, and painfully, becoming a recovery operation. the stories of survive have given some hope that more people will be found, but time is absolutely running out. critical roads and bridges that lead into the towns have been damaged by these constant aftershocks. making them impassable in some areas for the heavy equipment. the excavators, the bulldozers that are desperately needed to help. still, 5,000 rescuers are continue to work around the clock as we have seen. we went to one of the relief and aid camps. with teams now going into some of the more remote villages and hamlets looking for possibly more survivors. this, as we're learning now,
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kimberly, that the death toll has risen to close to 208 people. actually right around 280 people. as we have seen, sadly, that number could continue to rise. kimberly, back to you. >> wow. did the initial report 270 now 280. thank you for that initial report. we are praying still. friday national dog day. let's have some fun next. shall we?
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here "on the record" why are celebrating national dog day. here is the cutest look at some the "on the record's" furry friends. this is our producer justin wells. dog slater. a-year-old french bulldog. check out that face. here is samantha dog thunder. what a cute name. shay and her best friend charlotte. next is emily lynn's dog move, me a, mercy and milo. i love the alliteration there. set land sheep dog penny. this is laura's dog darla
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and here is cara's dog kelly. this is griff jenkins dog rascal. let me tell you something, right? like the owner a rascal. next up liz fanning's dog loony and best friend thomas. dogs do in fact have best friends. last but certainly not least, we have charlie cougar's dog george and, of course, you probably saw us playing with pups on the five today. we had a ton of fun with the new york humane society and each of us had our own puppy. i made friends with little francois. test test. test belinia. people said i didn't know had you a dog. people asked me is that a real dog? she sort of sat there motionless. what a good girl. this has been a lot of fun.
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invite a dog into your home. that's all we have now. monday night 7:00 p.m. eastern. never miss me and the gang on the five week nights at 5:00 p.m. i'm tv's andy levey. check in with charles cook at the desk. >> thanks, andy. coming up on the big show. mike pence used to draw political cartoons and now he is running with one. and facebook knows more about you than your family. but do they know more than my second family. a rodeo clown jokes about the gender neutral bathrooms. i am starting to second guess this whole citizen thing. >> see you at half time. let's welcome our guests. a mother knows best especially when it comes to


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